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iOS 11

iPhone 8 Release Date Apple

iPhone 8 and iOS 11 are huge problems for Android

August 29th, 2017

Back in August 2015, I penned a piece wondering why on Earth I still bothered to use Android. My personal phone has been an iPhone ever since the first model launched in 2007 and replaced my Nokia smartphones and BlackBerry phones. But I also used to always carry a second Android phone to fill in …

iOS 11 public beta 7 how to download

The iOS 11 public beta 7 is here for your downloading pleasure

August 28th, 2017

We learned this morning that we’re periolously close to the full release of iOS 11 to the general public, but that’s not slowing down Apple’s developers. The next iPhone event is now scheduled for September 12th, which means that the full release of iOS 11 will arrive sometime around then. With just two weeks left …

iOS 11 beta 8: how to download

iOS 11 beta 8 is here, go download it now

August 28th, 2017

It’s a Monday morning, which means it’s obviously time for Apple to pump out a new version of the iOS 11 beta. Normally, Apple only does that on a fortnightly basis and the last update — beta 7 — was only last week. But it’s 2017 and we have no concept of time remaining, which …

iOS 11’s new Apple Pay Cash feature may require a photo ID

August 25th, 2017

At WWDC this year, Apple announced that iOS 11 will enable iPhone and iPad users to send cash to friends and family members directly from within the Messages app. As Apple detailed, the feature — which is called Apple Pay Cash — leverages Apple’s existing Apple Pay frameworks and will allow users to securely send …

iOS 11 Features

Safari in iOS 11 will finally get rid of Google’s annoying AMP links

August 24th, 2017

With September fast approaching, we’re only a few short weeks away from Apple releasing iOS 11 to hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad users. While most of iOS 11’s new and exciting features have already been made public, developers and iOS enthusiasts are still unearthing new features as they continue to play around with …

iPhone 8 Home Button

iOS 11 leak confirms the iPhone 8 is going to have a massive change

August 22nd, 2017

When the iPhone 8 launches this fall, it’ll be the first iOS device in Apple’s history to lack a physical home button. The iconic component is tied to a variety of critical functions which means Apple isn’t really ditching it. Instead, the company will likely introduce a virtual home button and new screen gestures to …

iOS 11 beta 7 release date,

iOS 11 beta 7 is here, go download it now

August 21st, 2017

The sun may be about to vanish for a significant proportion of the US population, but in Apple’s coding cave, it’s business as usual. The iOS development team has just pushed iOS 11 beta 7 to developers worldwide, which means you can go download it right now.

iOS 11 Beta 6 Download

Here’s what’s new in iOS 11 beta 6

August 15th, 2017

Anyone currently testing the beta version of iOS 11, whether they’re developers or regular iPhone users, can already install the latest beta. That’s either iOS 11 beta 6 or iOS 11 public beta 5 if you’re unsure what update you need. The new release brings over various stability improvements, which is expected from every new …

iOS 11 public beta 5 how to download

Go download iOS 11 public beta 5 right now

August 14th, 2017

Apple just released a nice treat for anyone on the public beta channel of iOS: the latest version, iOS 11 public beta 5. We’re still looking at the release notes to work out what’s changed from public beta 4, but you can bet that there’s a little bit of new features, and a whole load …