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A man who looks like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Iceland tourism ad brilliantly mocks Facebook’s metaverse

November 13th, 2021

A few weeks ago, rumors started popping up about Mark Zuckerberg announcing a rebrand for Facebook (the company. The move would help the company distance itself from Facebook (the app) scandals and contain the damage. Also, Zuckerberg’s new focus is the metaverse, an AR/VR social ecosystem of the future. Facebook’s CEO promptly confirmed those rumors, …

Coronavirus Testing

Iceland’s early coronavirus testing model shows 50% of cases have no symptoms

April 5th, 2020

Iceland’s coronavirus testing campaign stands out as the country started aggressive COVID-19 screening months ago. Iceland is testing all patients who are at risk or show symptoms, and anyone else who wants to get tested. Current data shows that around 50% of those tested didn’t have symptoms indicative of infection with the novel coronavirus. Visit …

iceland mars rover

NASA went to Iceland and pretended it was Mars

August 15th, 2019

The scheduled launch date of NASA’s Mars 2020 mission is rapidly approaching, and with less than a year to go, it’s truly crunch time for NASA and its partners. Testing strategies for Mars exploration might seem impossible here on Earth, but our planet does indeed have some terrain that is comparable to what NASA’s rovers …