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Hulk Avengers

Hulk might have a surprising journey ahead in the MCU

January 10th, 2022

Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) is one of those characters that Marvel hasn’t been able to find a standalone project for. As a result, Marvel has been using Avengers and Thor movies to advance the arc of Bruce Banner. Unlike other original Avengers, Hulk’s story doesn’t seem to be complete after Endgame. We already know that Marvel …

Marvel Hulk

Marvel’s huge Hulk mystery might have already been solved

November 1st, 2021

Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) is the only Avenger of the original six who didn’t get a satisfying arc in Endgame. Some of the best Hulk action happened off-screen. Like Bruce Banner’s transformation into Smart Hulk. Or Hulk becoming a superhero that kids love. Or Bruce and Nat (Scarlett Johansson) getting some sort of closure after the …

MCU Phase 4 Timeline

Mark Ruffalo has a great idea for a new Hulk adventure

April 15th, 2020

Avengers actor Mark Ruffalo confirmed there have been talks with Marvel to appear in the upcoming She-Hulk TV series, but nothing is in the works. Ruffalo said he’s willing to reprise the role that was a big part of his professional life over the past decade. The actor even revealed the kind of Hulk storyline …