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HTC One A9

HTC exec responds to iPhone copycat claims: No, Apple copied us

October 22nd, 2015

Oh, HTC. Ever since a series of leaks revealed the company’s new HTC One A9 smartphone, just about everyone who’s seen the new handset has said the same thing: it’s an iPhone 6 clone. A picture is worth a thousand words and just look at the photo above — both of those sleek smartphones were designed …

HTC One A9 Hands-On Preview

HTC One A9 hands-on: We wish HTC created a better phone, not an iPhone

October 20th, 2015

The last thing that I wanted to do was confirm that HTC’s newest phone looks exactly like an iPhone 6. But after spending some hands-on time with the device last week, I’m finding it impossible to see anything else when I look at it. The protruding camera, the antenna lines, the aluminum housing — HTC …

HTC Event Live Stream

Watch live as HTC unveils the phone everyone is calling an iPhone copy

October 20th, 2015

Plenty of pundits claim that Samsung rose to the top of the smartphone industry in part because it copied Apple’s iPhone line. It’s hard to argue with evidence like a top-secret 132-page document Samsung made to show its engineers how to copy the iPhone pixel by pixel. HTC is having a tough time keeping pace with …

HTC One A9 Photos

Leak: This is HTC’s iPhone

October 15th, 2015

Samsung created a top secret 132-page document to show its engineers how to copy the iPhone pixel by pixel, and the company still never managed to pull off anything that was anywhere near as shameless as the iPhone ripoff HTC is about to unveil. Seriously… just look at this thing.