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hot jupiter

space news

Astronomers are watching an exoplanet die right before their eyes

February 22nd, 2020

Detecting the presence of a new exoplanet hundreds of light-years away is always exciting for astronomers, but not all newly-discovered planets are created equal. Some are undeniably more interesting than others, and the planet known as NGTS-10b is most certainly one of the more intriguing worlds scientists have found. The planet isn’t Earth-like or promising …

science news

‘Hot Jupiter’ exoplanets are super weird

January 27th, 2020

In the hunt for planets outside of our own solar system, scientists have spotted a number of interesting planet types that we simply don’t have in our neck of the cosmic woods. So-called “hot Jupiter” planets are one such type, and new research suggests that they’re even more bizarre than previously thought. Hot Jupiters, as …

hot jupiter football

Scientists just discovered a planet shaped like a football

August 1st, 2019

If you were to make a list of exoplanets that would be worth visiting in person, WASP-121b wouldn’t be anywhere near the top of your list. There are plenty of exoplanets out there that wouldn’t be comfortable for humans, but WASP-121b is a special kind of hostile, not to mention a shape that will look …