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Tim Cook Vs Steve Jobs

Apple product delays have increased dramatically during the Tim Cook era

January 6th, 2018

From AirPods to the HomePod, Apple in recent memory has been plagued by a number of uncharacteristic product delays. Indeed, because Apple has a long history of only announcing products when they’re essentially ready to ship, the company has, more often than not, been able to avoid pesky and frustrating product delays that often leave …

Amazon Echo vs. HomePod

Apple has lost the smart speaker war before it even began

December 27th, 2017

Apple a few weeks ago announced that its expensive HomePod smart speaker wasn’t going to be ready for a late 2017 launch, as promised initially, just as Google was getting ready to start selling its HomePod rival in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, Amazon announced record sales for its own voice-based smart speakers, an announcement that …

HomePod Vs Echo

Amazon Echo and Google Home benefited from Apple’s HomePod delay

December 26th, 2017

Apple’s HomePod was supposed to launch this December, perfectly timed to take advantage of the busy shopping period leading up to Christmas. But in what’s becoming something of a pattern, Apple last month announced that its highly anticipated smart speaker was going to be delayed until 2018. Apple didn’t provide a detailed explanation as to …

HomePod Release

The outrage over Apple’s HomePod delay is way over the top

November 21st, 2017

Late last week, Apple announced that it was delaying the release of the HomePod, the company’s Siri-based smart speaker that was initially slated to launch in December. Apple didn’t give a specific reason for the delay, only stating that it needs “a little more time before it’s ready for our customers.” In turn, Apple said …

Apple HomePod Release Date

The sad inside story of the HomePod, Apple’s ‘huge missed opportunity’

November 21st, 2017

It doesn’t make its own smartphone (anymore), and it doesn’t have a regular computer either. But Amazon is the undisputed king of voice computing at home. Its Echo devices sell better than anything else, with Google’s Home coming in second place. Apple should have launched a voice-activated smart speaker next month, but the HomePod isn’t …

HomePod: Apple's speaker release date

Apple’s HomePod speaker won’t ship until 2018

November 17th, 2017

Apple has delayed the launch of HomePod, its upcoming smart home speaker, to “early 2018.” The company didn’t give a reason for the delay, other than the product needing “a little more time before it’s ready for our customers.” The delay is unfortunate for anyone who needed $349 worth of Siri in their homes, but …

HomePod price, release date,

Report: Next-gen HomePod will have Face ID because sure why not

November 13th, 2017

Although Apple’s first-gen HomePod is still nothing more than a twinkle in Jony Ive’s eye, a new report from Nikkei suggests that Apple is already working on a next-gen HomePod, with some very distinctive features. In particular, the second generation HomePod could come with a camera and Apple’s new Face ID technology, which only just made …

HomePod Features

Apple is going to hamper the HomePod by restricting Siri

October 30th, 2017

With the flurry of buzz and excitement swirling around the impending iPhone X launch, it’s easy to forget that we’re just a few short weeks away from Apple releasing the HomePod, its brand new smart home speaker system. Set to launch in December with a sticker price of $349, the HomePod is being positioned as …

Apple HomePod: Leaked photo

Apple’s HomePod spotted in the wild months before launch

September 8th, 2017

All of the attention surrounding Apple’s upcoming September 12th event has understandably been on the new iPhone (iPhone 8? X? Edition?), but it isn’t the only new device Apple will be showing off next week. Alongside its 2017 slate of phones, Apple is also expected to unveil a new Apple Watch model and give us …