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Novel CRISPR system can stop cancer in its tracks

Scientists have developed a new system using the CRISPR genome-editing system to attack and kill cancer cells. The system targets cancel cells directly and, like “scissors,” cuts their DNA, killing them. Additional trials >>

Researchers invented a device that can quickly sober you up

Scientists have invented a new system that allows a person to breathe themselves sober. By ensuring that person doesn’t hyperventilate while breathing faster than usual, an individual can breathe out a significant amount >>

A secret hidden in our DNA could help cure cancer

Researchers discovered that a delicate dance between two proteins in our cells helps them replicate safely without dying. By altering this process, the scientists say we could potentially attack cancer cells and prevent >>

There might be plastics inside you right now

Researchers have found evidence of microplastics in human body tissue for the first time. Using a new technique, scientists sampled 47 pieces of organ tissue from human donors and found microplastics present in >>