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Closeup of shopper pushing a cart through a grocery aisle

Careful, these 2 popular groceries have been pulled from supermarket shelves

March 8th, 2022

Companies recall products all the time, for reasons that range from after-the-fact safety issues discovered to problems that happened during the manufacturing process. When it comes to food recalls, though, there’s a particular urgency in communicating the issue to the public. Because people’s health and in extreme cases maybe even their lives are at stake. …

woman in yellow dress pushing grocery shopping cart

Avoid these 3 groceries that are being pulled from store shelves

March 5th, 2022

One of the unfortunate aspects of the grocery store experience that often accompanies the products we fill our shopping carts with is that some percentage of them might get recalled down the line. Because of manufacturing problems, insufficiently labeled products, and a whole host of other reasons. And food recalls, especially, are not only a …

Close-up of a customer pushing a grocery store shopping cart

These 4 groceries are being pulled from store shelves right now

February 23rd, 2022

Shopping at grocery stores is nowhere near the simple experience that it was a couple of years ago now, following the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Customers today, of course, have to deal with everything from product shortages to a spike in prices. The latter a result of the record-high inflation levels lately. Beyond that, …

Chicken salad on a plate

2 popular groceries that are being pulled from store shelves right now

February 14th, 2022

It’s not just the shortages of some products and the price increases for others that have turned the grocery store experience into a source of stress these days for some shoppers. A constant barrage of health alerts and food recalls — the result of everything from packaging mistakes to mishaps during the manufacturing process — …

a shopper pushes a cart down a grocery aisle

Experts say these 7 popular groceries will face shortages soon

February 8th, 2022

I need to make my latest weekly trip to the grocery store later today, and it’s gotten to the point where that phrase is actually a misnomer for me. Because of the supply chain disruptions and all of the other pandemic-inspired complications we’re living through, I don’t make grocery store runs anymore. I make trips …

Closeup of shopper pushing a cart through a grocery aisle

Rising prices of these 4 popular groceries are making people so angry

February 2nd, 2022

Phil Levy, chief economist at San Francisco-based freight forwarding company Flexport, has a prediction for when the US supply chain gets back to normal: Sometime next year, at the earliest. “It’s unlikely to happen in 2022,” he told The New York Times this week, an estimate that carries all sorts of implications. From the degree …

A woman is shown pushing a cart full of groceries

7 popular groceries that just got more expensive

January 26th, 2022

If you’ve gone shopping for groceries at all over the past couple of months, you probably don’t need to be reminded of this. But just to put some numbers behind the increasingly prevalent trend of rising grocery prices that many people are seeing — According to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, …

A New York-area Costco store is shown in Long Island City

The 5 most popular groceries everyone is buying at Costco right now

January 24th, 2022

Costco has spent a few decades now building and maintain a reputation as the go-to spot where customers of the membership warehouse club can score groceries and other assorted goods for consistently low prices. The fact of the matter, though, is that different aspects of the assortment of goods in Costco’s ever-changing product mix will …