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gamma ray burst

gamma-ray burst

A collapsing star sent a massive burst of energy into space

June 4th, 2021

Stars are great. Our own star, the Sun, is one of the big reasons why we’re all here today. Without it, we’d be goners, but while stars can be life-giving, they can also be incredibly destructive forces of nature. As recent observations by NASA and astronomers around the world have shown, the death of a …

binary star gamma ray burst

Scientists spot distant stars engaged in a dangerous dance

November 20th, 2018

We only see one star, our Sun, up close on a daily basis, but the Milky Way is absolutely packed with them. It’s estimated that there are over 300 billion stars in our galaxy alone, and perhaps as many as 400 billion. With so much sky to cover, scientists are doing their best to catalog …