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Games News, page 7

Blockbuster to pilot Total Access video game rentals

We’ve long since given up on Blockbuster and the debacle that is Total Access. As the company continues to struggle with the evolving home entertainment industry, Blockbuster repeatedly reminds us all that it >>

Verizon Wireless LG Versa info galore

We already knew the bulk of the specs for the LG Versa and that Verizon is all set to release it on March 1st, but until now we were at a loss as >>

Rumor: Nokia to introduce App Store at MWC

Speaking of App Stores, it looks like Nokia may finally be preparing to remedy the unbridled mess that is the Download! application. You know what they say… The bigger they are the slower >>

Developer speaks out on Palm WebOS Mojo SDK

After seeing the massive amount of buzz Palm generated surrounding the announcement of its Pre and new mobile operating system WebOS, mobile developers are undoubtedly just as excited as everyone else to get >>