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Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold preorders

Best Buy just canceled every preorder it took for the Galaxy Fold

May 24th, 2019

It’s going to keep getting worse for Samsung before it gets better, as Best Buy confirmed this week that all preorders for the Galaxy Fold have been canceled. This is a drastic step for the retailer to take, but following the catastrophe of the review cycle that preceded the planned April 26th launch date, Samsung …

Galaxy Fold Display

One of the Galaxy Fold’s biggest problems is also an exciting innovation that other companies want

May 3rd, 2019

Much to everyone’s surprise, Samsung decided to postpone the launch of the first foldable smartphone it has ever made. The company delayed the Galaxy Fold rollout after several reviewers discovered that the foldable screens of their test units started malfunctioning. Samsung is investigating the matter and hasn’t issued out any official explanations, but there are …

Samsung Wraparound Phone

Samsung might be working on a new phone with a wrap-around display

April 29th, 2019

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is far from being the success the company may have envisioned. Early review units unearthed several issues with the foldable phone’s screen, and Samsung had no choice but to delay the worldwide Galaxy Fold launch. But that doesn’t mean Samsung won’t make more foldable handsets in the future, or other types of …

Galaxy Fold Screen

Samsung keeps reminding us that the Galaxy Fold is a huge embarrassment

April 26th, 2019

Samsung’s first foldable phone, as exciting a tech feat it might be, turned into a massive embarrassment for the company. Samsung was forced to postpone the phone’s launch and recall the review units after many Galaxy Fold samples revealed several design issues with the phone that render the screen useless. But just as the world …

Galaxy Fold Screen Issues

These are the reasons the Galaxy Fold failed

April 24th, 2019

Shortly after Samsung sent Galaxy Fold review units to journalists this month, all hell broke loose. No matter how thoroughly Samsung tested the durability of its first foldable handset in controlled conditions, real-life usage has proven that the phone is simply not ready for prime time. Some issues that arose, such as when reviewers peeled …