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mars fossils

Did NASA’s Mars rover just find ancient Martian fossils?

January 8th, 2018

If you’re one of the many casual science observers hoping that mankind will one day discover evidence that life once thrived on Mars, 2017 was a very, very exciting year for you. From derelict alien ships to cannonballs, NASA spotted lots of weird things on the Martian surface last year. It seems 2018 is going …

giant penguin

Man-sized ancient penguins once ruled the coast of New Zealand

December 13th, 2017

Today’s penguins might be cute, charming little flightless birds that draw your eye at your local zoo, but things were a whole lot different some 59 million years ago. Researchers working in New Zealand revealed today the discovery of an absolutely massive ancient penguin that would have given an adult human a real fright if …

marsupial lion

This bizarre marsupial lion once roamed Australia

December 8th, 2017

Australia is a weird place. Because of its location and that fact that life there has evolved in a vacuum — isolated from much of the rest of the world since the breakup up of the continents — many species that have lived and died there over millions of years have no equal anywhere else …

bird fossil

99-million-year-old bird found preserved in amber stuns scientists

June 9th, 2017

Archeologists have just discovered a nearly complete bird, encased in fossilized tree sap, that has remained intact for almost 100 million years. The bird, which was just a few days old at the time of its death, is one of the most stunningly preserved examples of pre-history avian life ever recovered — but this is …