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FBI News, page 8

How China plays a role in Apple’s legal battle with the FBI

Apple’s tussle with the FBI over hacking into a terrorist’s iPhone has ignited a firestorm of controversy and debate surrounding the role tech companies should play in the realm of law enforcement and surveillance. >>

Teens who hacked the CIA are now going after the FBI

About three weeks ago, a team of teenage hackers managed to hack into the personal AOL email account of CIA Director John Brennan. In the process, they were not only able to access Brennan’s >>

The FBI ups the ante in its boneheaded war on encryption

The FBI is worried that stronger encryption from tech companies like Apple is making it more difficult for law enforcement agencies to effectively keep tabs on terrorists. As a result, some in the FBI believe that we >>

Sony hackers just pranked the FBI

The hackers responsible for the massive cyber attack against Sony, in which some 100 terabytes of company data was stolen, on Saturday mocked the FBI in a message posted on Pastebin, The Daily >>