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Best Buy advertises the HTC Aria with 4G

In a small but embarrassing snafu, Best Buy Mobile is proudly displaying the HTC Aria on the front of its Mobile Buyers Guide with 4G connectivity. An eagle-eyed reader noticed the aberrant 4G >>

OTA software update pushed out for the EVO 4G

No real surprise here, considering we said this was going to be the case, but an OTA software update has been pushed out for the EVO 4G. No official word yet on what’s >>

HTC EVO 4G sold out across the country

You snooze, you lose. That’s exactly what thousands of EVO 4G hopefuls are learning today as the smartphone that smashed Sprint sales records has gone out of stock across the country. So what can >>

HTC EVO 4G breaks Sprint's first day sales record

Turns out the ages old adage that a cutting-edge product plus hype equates to big first day sales, as Sprint today announced that the Friday saw the HTC EVO 4G smash the carriers >>

Sprint's activation systems come crashing down

Sprint seems to be having a great deal of difficulty dealing with all of the rabid EVO 4G fans. Throughout the day we’ve been getting scattered reports sporadic crashes of the activation system >>

Root for the EVO 4G released

With one day to go before it hits stores shelves, the much talked about root for the HTC EVO 4G has been released to the public. All of the files needed to get >>

Sprint kicks off its national EVO 4G ad campaign

Last year, Sprint wasn’t doing itself any favors with its absolutely awful Palm Pre TV ad campaign, but this year’s hero phone — the HTC EVO 4G — has an ad that people >>