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ETF News, page 2

Sprint finally decides on ETF conditions and details

Just a few weeks ago, Sprint announced it would have details on how it’s dealing with early termination fees by December once its billing software was updated. It looks like Dan Hesse and >>

Sprint gets smart and prorates ETFs

After being sued this past summer along with Verizon for early termination fees, Sprint has finally decided to prorate them or make a tiered ETF policy. Much like other carriers, the initial fee >>

T-Mobile reveals plans for pro-rated ETF

In a move that’s a boon for consumers everywhere, T-Mobile has made public their plans to implement a pro-rated ETF for new customers. Under the new plan, T-Mobile subscribers with less than 6 >>

U.S. Government exempt from Early Termination Fees

It seems there are some benefits to working for the man. In 2004, a company then known simply as Nextel began investigating whether they could assess ETF’s to government contracts that ended before >>