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Earth in space

New Google site gives us a real-time look at how Earth is changing

June 11th, 2022

Our world is changing, and it’s changing rather quickly. Keeping track of all of Earth’s changes can be difficult. Fires are ravaging parts of the world. Droughts are drying up lakes, leading to increased exposure to rocks and landmass, and even rockslides. And, the permafrost continues to melt, giving way to massive “mouth to hell” …

orange river russia

Rivers run orange after copper mine accident in Russia

July 16th, 2020

An abandoned copper mine in Russia has released a huge amount of toxic waste into nearby rivers and lakes. The waste was held in a pond for treatment but nobody could pay to have it neutralized, and recent rains caused it to spill over. An investigation is being launched and legal repercussions could result. Nature’s …