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Lightning round with Bell's BlackBerry Tour 9630

So you read part 1 of our BlackBerry Tour review and then our impressions of Verizon’s BlackBerry Tour, but you’re still too scared to go out and buy one because you live in >>

Sony Ericsson C905a hitting AT&T July 19th?

We just got a heads up from one of our AT&T ninjas and it appears as if an AT&T-branded version of Sony Ericsson’s C905 could be hitting AT&T just a few weeks from >>

BlackBerry Tour Review: Part 2

My, my, what a long road we’ve traveled. We’re back at it just like we promised. We combed through the BlackBerry Tour we had a while ago, but now that we have a >>

Zer01 Mobile launches nationwide

If you’ve always wanted unlimited voice and data on the smartphone of your choice but VOCE disappeared before you could jump on board, Zer01 Mobile might just be the way to go. After >>

AT&T's Nokia 6790 Surge, aka Mako, to launch mid-July?

A Qik video posted to YouTube shows off the many sides of the Nokia 6790 Surge, codenamed Mako, headed soon to AT&T. The unusually shaped handset has already been spec’d and exclusively photographed >>

Motorola and AT&T announce the Karma QA1

Life’s a bitch and so is karma, but AT&T is hoping to change that with the Motorola Karma QA1. A goofy looking dumb phone that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Somerset, the >>

Complete HTC Ozone specs unearthed

We’ve already given the world its first peek and Verizon’s upcoming HTC Ozone, nailed down its scheduled availability of June 29th/July 13th and pegged its pricing at $49.99 after MIR, but we’re not >>