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spacex tourism

SpaceX forced to delay plans for first space tourism launch

June 6th, 2018

Private spaceflight companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin have made some big promises when it comes to tourism in space. Eager (and very wealthy) astronaut wannabes are waiting anxiously for their chance to soar into the heavens, but now SpaceX customers who have already put their down payment on a trip around the Moon are …

SpaceX Dragon 2 Mars

How SpaceX plans to land on Mars in 2018

May 31st, 2016

SpaceX successfully landed one of its reusable Falcon 9 rockets on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean last week, marking the company’s third consecutive success. Sending cargo to the International Space Station and then landing the rocket used to transport it is just one step SpaceX is perfecting, as it moves forward with its daring …