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dev team News, page 2

Yellowsn0w you won’t mind eating

Done and done. As promised, the Dev-Team has delivered yet again and released the first version of its iPhone 3G soft-unlock to the world. It’s not without a few hiccups but it definitely >>

Reminder: iPhone 3G unlock coming tonight

We’re now just hours away from the New Year, which means we’re also hours away from yellowsn0w courtesy of the Dev-Team. Yellowsn0w, for those with short memories, is the Dev-Team’s solution for soft-unlocking >>

iPhone 2.2 update already jailbroken, what?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right? Well, something like that. The iPhone 2.2 software update hasn’t even been released yet and the ever swift iPhone Dev Team has >>

iPhone 3G is one step closer to being unlocked

The iPhone dev team released a teaser video on Sunday hinting that they are closer than ever to unlocking the iPhone 3G. The video shows a custom application running on the PMB8878 baseband >>

iPhone 3G: Released Friday, Pwned Tuesday

It took four whole days after the release of the iPhone 3G for Apple’s new handset to get the dev team’s jailbreak treatment. Will these guys ever stop impressing us? Their latest feat >>