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How to Buy Dogecoin

May 23rd, 2022

Want to learn how to buy Dogecoin? Read on! Recently, the Techno king of Tesla, Elon Musk, reached a deal to acquire Twitter for about $44 billion. What makes this information relevant here? After the news of Elon’s acquisition, Dogecoin jumped 27% in a day! Elon’s tweets have gained a reputation in the crypto space. …

Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin XRP

Coinbase lets you receive your tax refund as cryptocurrency

February 6th, 2022

Tax season can be incredibly complicated for owners of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. You need to figure out if you’ve been profitable or whether you’ve incurred losses so that you can file your taxes appropriately. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase wants to make the entire process a lot easier. After announcing features that would make cryptocurrency tax filing …

Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin XRP

WhatsApp now supports cryptocurrency payments in the US

December 9th, 2021

Facebook (now Meta) wanted to launch a cryptocurrency payment service of its own a few years ago. The idea was that people would use it together with a Facebook-made digital wallet to send and receive money via chat apps like Messenger or WhatsApp. Called Libra, the project saw plenty of resistance from users and regulators, …

Apple Cryptocurrency

Tim Cook reveals that Apple is now looking into cryptocurrency

November 9th, 2021

Bitcoin is making headlines again, as the world’s most popular and valuable cryptocurrency is still breaking records. Every other digital token is surging alongside bitcoin, with the total market cap for crypto approaching $3 trillion. That’s just as the Biden administration passed a $1.2 billion infrastructure package that contains a controversial bitcoin tax provision. It’s …

Squid Game Cryptocurrency Scam

Avoid this enticing new Squid Game cryptocurrency scam at all costs

October 30th, 2021

When something becomes as popular as Netflix’s Squid Game series did in as quickly as it did, people will try to take advantage of it for personal gain. That appears to be the case with the Squid Game cryptocurrency that’s popping online right now. You might have seen reports about the value of the squid …

Android cryptocurrency mining apps

All of these Android cryptocurrency mining apps are actually scams

July 8th, 2021

Cryptocurrencies have been huge for years, but the digital assets have now well and truly gone mainstream. Even with Bitcoin having lost half of its value since its peak in April, it’s still worth more than $32,000 a coin. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, so it’s no surprise that dozens of cryptocurrency mining …

Bitcoin Price

China has once again tanked the entire cryptocurrency market

June 21st, 2021

When Elon Musk isn’t busy manipulating the cryptocurrency market, China is happy to do so in his place. In a repeat of what we witnessed earlier this year, bitcoin is crashing on Monday, following more bad news from China, where many mining operations have been taken offline. China’s desire to regulate digital currency isn’t new, …

Apple Pay Bitcoin

New job listing hints that Apple might be getting into cryptocurrency

May 27th, 2021

Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic in 2021, with several digital tokens surging to new all-time highs. Bitcoin started the year at around $27,000 and has been skyrocketing ever since. By mid-April, Bitcoin topped $64,000 for a single coin. It wasn’t just retail investors driving up demand for cryptocurrencies. Institutions were more involved than ever, …

Tesla Bitcoin Payments

Elon Musk says you can no longer buy a Tesla with bitcoin

May 13th, 2021

Elon Musk shocked the world a few months ago by first announcing that Tesla had bought bitcoin worth $1.5 billion and then that Tesla buyers could pay for their new cars with bitcoin if that so desired. Less than two months after Musk’s announcement that Tesla will accept bitcoin payments, the CEO revealed the company …