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crew dragon

crew dragon delay

NASA announces delay of SpaceX Crew Dragon test launch

January 11th, 2019

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon is one of the spacecraft that NASA will eventually use to ferry astronauts into space, but it’s not quite there yet. Unfortunately, an anticipated January test flight has now been pushed back for unspecified reasons, and NASA now says that Crew Dragon won’t life off until February at the earliest. SpaceX has …

crew dragon solar

SpaceX shows off Crew Dragon’s integrated solar panels for the first time

December 19th, 2018

SpaceX is already leading the charge in commercialized spaceflight with a packed schedule of launches and partnerships with countless space agencies and private companies, but its deal with NASA is easily one of its most important. SpaceX has been tasked with developing a crewed launch vehicle that is capable of ferrying astronauts to and from …