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coronavirus News, page 75

Doctors just uncovered another unusual coronavirus symptom

Unusual coronavirus symptoms keep piling up if the empirical findings of a French organization of dermatologists are to be believed. Skin issues, including frostbite-like manifestations, hives, and persistent redness, have been associated with >>

A game-changing coronavirus drug is already here

The world is racing to develop a vaccine for the novel coronavirus infection, but the first approved candidates likely won’t be ready for widespread use for about 18 months. Doctors are testing several >>

Germany wants to track coronavirus outbreaks with smartwatches

Germany is looking to analyze data from smartwatches and fitness devices to track the emergence of new coronavirus outbreaks in the country. Pulse, temperature, and sleep data would be collected anonymously from participating >>

Doctors think coronavirus can attack the heart directly

Doctors think the novel coronavirus might affect the heart directly in some COVID-19 patients. The virus might be damaging the heart even in patients who do not suffer from heart disease. In some >>