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Chevy Bolt

Chevy Bolt vs Tesla Model 3 2018: delivery date, details

Tesla isn’t the only one struggling to manufacture cheap electric cars

May 3rd, 2018

Unless you have studiously avoided the internet for the last 12 months, you’ve probably run into the dispute over Tesla’s production of the cheap-and-cheerful Model 3 at some point. Although demand for the Model 3 isn’t a problem for Tesla, its well-documented struggles to produce enough vehicles (and do so cheaply) has Tesla running out …

Chevy Bolt Lease

Chevy does electric on the cheap: $300 a month for 238 miles of range

November 22nd, 2016

Teslas are fantastic in most every way, other than you have to sacrifice at least one organ to actually own one. Chevy’s all-electric Bolt hatchback solves that problem by packing over 200 miles of range into a $37,000 car. But according to new pricing details revealed today, there’s actually a much cheaper way to own …

Tesla Model 3 faces some serious competition from Chevy’s 2017 Bolt

September 13th, 2016

When it comes to affordable EV transport, Tesla isn’t the only game in town anymore. Chevrolet yesterday announced that its new 2017 Chevy Bolt comes with an impressive 238 miles of range on a single charge. Notably, this represents about 23 more miles of range than what Tesla’s entry level Model 3 is expected to deliver …

Tesla Model 3 Vs Chevy Bolt

GM executive fires shots at Tesla’s Model 3

April 14th, 2016

In the span of just one week, Tesla managed to secure more than 325,000 reservations for the recently unveiled Model 3, a spectacular tally which blew away expectations and even surprised Elon Musk. But the auto industry being what it is (read: hyper competitive), GM executive Dan Nicholson couldn’t help but take a shot at Tesla’s …

Chevy Volt EV Vs Tesla Model 3

Did the Chevy Bolt EV just beat Tesla and Elon Musk to the punch?

January 8th, 2016

One of the reasons behind Tesla’s success is that it managed to create an incredible electric car that didn’t look like an electric car. Combined with chart-topping performance, impressive safety features and a sleek design, the Model S effectively showed the world there’s a viable market for electric vehicles. Despite Tesla creating a clear blueprint for EV …