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Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics Robot Reindeer Christmas Video

These Google-owned robotic reindeer are freaking out the Internet

December 23rd, 2015

Google in recent years has bought up a lot of different robotics firms and one of the most impressive of the bunch is Boston Dynamics, which has made a name for itself developing powerful robots that are capable of navigating over rough terrain and could thus be used in ground-based military operations. The company this week sent …

Google Boston Dynamics Humanoid Robot Video

Watch: Boston Dynamics’ amazing humanoid robot walks through the woods

August 18th, 2015

Google-owned company Boston Dynamics is well known for creating robot cheetahs and robot dogs and now it’s started taking humanoid robots out for a spin. In a video recently posted on YouTube, Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert gave a video demonstration of his company’s Atlas humanoid robot walking over rough terrain in the woods.

Google Robot Video

Video: Incredible Google robots know how to exercise and keep their balance

March 13th, 2015

In late 2013, Google acquired Boston Dynamics, an engineering company focused on pushing the envelope when it comes to advanced robotics. With each passing year, the sophistication of Boston Dynamics’ robots keeps reaching new, and at times, terrifying heights. After all, what other word is there to describe a robotic cheetah capable of running 28.3 miles …