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Elon Musk Bitcoin

Even Elon Musk doesn’t buy into the Bitcoin hype

February 23rd, 2018

Although Bitcoin has captured the hearts and minds of amateur gamblers and Ponzi schemers, it’s still an orphan child among most financial managers. Warren Buffett thinks the crypto-currency “will come to a bad ending,” while his long-time adviser Charlie Munger described it as “noxious poison.” Now, Elon Musk doesn’t fit any stereotype about multibillionaire CEOs …

Bitcoin Price Today

Bitcoin today: All crypto coins are on the rebound

February 23rd, 2018

Crypto traders were in a selling mood on Wednesday and Thursday, with Bitcoin dipping below $10,000 for the fourth time this year. Bitcoin quickly recovered lost ground, and all digital currencies are making a comeback, but we’re far from the highs registered earlier this week. The entire crypto market is worth $450 billion early Friday, …

Bitcoin Price Today

All cryptocurrencies are crashing, and we have no idea why

February 22nd, 2018

It was just Wednesday that we told you all cryptocurrencies were tanking, save for Bitcoin, which was trading well above $11,000. Sure, Bitcoin’s priced dropped compared to Tuesday’s highs, but it didn’t seem to be as affected as all its rivals. Well, fast forward to Thursday morning, and all digital coins are trading well below …

Bitcoin Price Today

Cryptos are tanking again, but not Bitcoin

February 21st, 2018

It took Bitcoin several weeks to reach $10,000 again after the price fell below $6,000 in early February’s bloodbath, and it marked the first time since November it dropped so far. Bitcoin then quickly smashed through $11,000, and $12,000 looked like a reasonable target just yesterday. But after a few days of growth, all cryptos …

Bitcoin Price Today

Bitcoin is back over $11,000

February 19th, 2018

It took Bitcoin more than two weeks to recover the ground it lost in early February when the most popular cryptocurrency in the world plunged below $6,000 for the first time since November. Bitcoin is nowhere near its record highs from mid-December when it hit almost $20,000, but the digital coin is finally trading above …

Bitcoin Price Today

Bitcoin finally cleared $10,000, but it didn’t stay there very long

February 16th, 2018

Bitcoin on Thursday finally broke through the $10,000 price, more than two weeks after it dipped below it. The most popular digital coin in the world didn’t really manage to continue its climb, and it’s now trading at around $9,900. All other cryptocurrencies are seeing minor drops compared to Thursday, but they’re up significantly for …

Best Bitcoin exchange Coinbase problems wtf

The US’s leading Bitcoin exchange is draining tens of thousands of dollars from users’ bank accounts

February 15th, 2018

Coinbase, the leading US crypto-currency exchange, has a problem. According to dozens of reports on Reddit and Twitter, the company has been making repeated unauthorized charges to some users’ bank accounts, totaling tens of thousands of dollars in some cases. The company confirmed the issue in a statement on Reddit, saying “we can confirm that the …

Bitcoin Price Today

Bitcoin races towards $10,000, riding a wave of positive news

February 15th, 2018

The Bitcoin woes of early February seem to be long forgotten as the entire crypto is climbing to new heights on Thursday, riding a wave of positive news. Leading the pack is Bitcoin, which has nearly hit $10,000 in early trading — currently, it’s at over $9,700, which marks a 9% increase in 24 hours. …