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Apple Beats Acquisition

Apple confirms $3 billion Beats acquisition

May 28th, 2014

Apple on Wednesday confirmed the deal that has puzzled every industry analyst on the planet for the past few weeks: Apple is buying Beats Electronics. News of the imminent acquisition broke earlier this month and was then independently confirmed by several large papers. What was never confirmed — or even really understood by anyone, it seemed — was exactly …

Apple Beats Acquisition Price

Apple’s Beats deal is happening this week, but for a cheaper price

May 28th, 2014

Apple is expected to announce its Beats acquisition this week, the New York Post has learned, and the iPhone maker will apparently acquire Dr. Dre’s company for less than initially expected. Apparently leaks in the press – not related to Dre’s acknowledgement of the deal recorded on video – convinced Apple lawyers to re-evaluate the purchase, …

Apple Beats Deal News

Has Dr. Dre’s drunken boast cost his company $3.2 billion?

May 24th, 2014

We haven’t heard anything official about its supposed $3.2 billion purchase of Beats from Apple yet and now Billboard reports there’s a good reason for that. According to Billboard’s sources, Apple was not at all happy about a video posted by actor Tyrese Gibson where a couple of weeks ago in which Beats founder and hip-hop legend …

Why Is Apple Buying Beats

One reason the Beats deal could be a huge mistake for Apple

May 23rd, 2014

Apple’s plan to buy up Beats has left many analysts scratching their heads and wondering why Tim Cook and the crew at Cupertino are spending $3.2 billion to acquire an audio hardware and software company. Writing over at Techpinions, Jackdaw analyst Jan Dawson explains that many people are worried that the Beats deal might be a …

Apple Beats Music Streaming Service

Why the Beats deal is still happening and is critical to Apple’s business

May 23rd, 2014

Even though the acquisition still hasn’t been announced, the Beats deal is apparently very much in the picture and appears to be a critical move for Apple’s business, TechCrunch has learned. Speculation has run wild surrounding Apple’s reasoning behind a major $3.2 billion Beats purchase, but the publication appears to have learned exactly what Beats brings to the table …

Why Did Apple Buy Beats

Is this the real reason Apple wants to buy Beats?

May 19th, 2014

Two weeks ago, news broke that Apple was about to purchase Beats Technology for $3.2 billion. The deal, which has apparently been delayed, has confused industry experts, with some viewing it as a sign of Apple’s lack of direction without Steve Jobs and others calling it Apple’s “best idea since the iPad.” Most believe Apple …

Beats Music Review

A fantastic in-depth review of Beats Music​

May 19th, 2014

Apple is buying Beats Electronics. Maybe. Some day. News of the deal broke nearly two weeks ago and at that time, an announcement was supposedly imminent. Then a video of Dr. Dre’s drunken celebration seemingly confirmed the news alongside additional reports from several big papers. But Apple and Beats have yet to make any announcement.

Apple Beats Acquisition Delayed

Apple’s massive Beats deal reportedly delayed

May 15th, 2014

Apple is poised to buy Beats for a massive $3.2 billion in its biggest acquisition ever, but the two companies are yet to finalize the deal, Re/code reports. In fact, Re/code’s sources say that the deal may not be finalized until next week.

Apple Beats Acquisition

This is either the smartest or stupidest theory yet on Apple’s Beats buy

May 12th, 2014

As analysts, pundits, bloggers, journalists and just about everyone else on the planet continues to struggle to make sense of Apple’s rumored Beats acquisition, there’s really only one piece that has been published on the matter that you should bother reading. If you absolutely have to read more than one note, however, a good second …

Apple Beats Acquisition

The only thoughts on Apple’s Beats acquisition that you need to read

May 12th, 2014

Apple is widely expected to announce its largest acquisition in the history of the company latest this week. The target of that acquisition, Beats Electronics, has baffled industry watchers since being revealed in a series of reports last week. Beats has a successful hardware business and an emerging streaming music product, but the brand and …