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Best Baseball Catches

The Most Incredible Baseball Catches of the Week

June 25th, 2015

As a relatively recent convert into the world of baseball fandom, I can still see why I thought baseball was so boring up until a few years ago. It’s slow. If no one’s on base, there are only two players worth paying attention to at any given moment. If two teams are tied after nine …

Samsung Apple Baseball Ransom Note

Samsung PR stunt Backfires in the Most Hilarious Possible Way

June 16th, 2015

You’ve got to hand it to Samsung for its me-too, whatever-it-takes attitude it has when it comes to battling Apple’s iPhone. The strategy has worked for quite some time, and Samsung still does it, no matter how blatant some of the rip-offs may be – but hey, nobody owns cool, and everybody copies everybody. But the latest …

MLB Baseball Food

The best foods to eat at every Major League Baseball stadium

April 9th, 2015

It’s early April, a time of year which, for many people, is synonymous with only one thing: Major League Baseball. In a number of ways, the baseball viewing experience has changed dramatically over the past few years. With HDTVs providing such an enjoyable viewing experience at home, teams across all sports leagues have done quite a bit …