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Asus News, page 11

Asus Glaxy 7 gets manhandled for your viewing pleasure

Ahh Mobile-Review; we love that they take a million pics with each of their reviews since we can’t understand a word they say. Who needs to understand it anyway? We’re happy just sitting >>

Asus jumps on the Android bandwagon

It looks like Asus isn’t just stepping its game in the netbook market next year. Hot on the heels of launching its first Windows Mobile handsets, company sources revealed today that Asus may >>

All-in-one touchscreen Eee PC available for preorder

And there you have it people – the touchscreen Eee PC from Asus is finally available for pre-order from in the UK. With a scheduled release date of November 20, this discount >>

Asus S101 info emerges, even sexier than we thought

With every computer manufacturer and their chip supplier’s barber now jumping on the netbook train, it’s clearly about time for Asus to step it up a bit. Many would credit the Eee line >>

Get an Asus and get some Warez

What would you do if you put in your recovery disk for your Asus laptop and your anti-virus software alarms started going off? You would do what a reader over at PC Pro >>

Mysterious Asus phone appears and is identified as Asus Glaxy7

A mysterious Asus phone dubbed the “Omnia Killer” due to it’s Omnia-like appearance, showed up recently on the Intertubes. Speculation has been running rampant (an 800mhz processor?) about the possible details of the >>