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nasa astrobee

NASA’s floating robot ‘bee’ is alive and well aboard the ISS

May 20th, 2019

NASA is betting big on the future of space robots. As automated gadgets become more and more advances, scientists are starting to imagine how robots could not only aid space travelers but perhaps even shoulder some of the load when it comes to various duties. To explore those possibilities, NASA sent a trio of Astrobee …

nasa astrobee

NASA just sent robotic ‘bees’ to the International Space Station

April 18th, 2019

Do robots have a place in the future of crewed space missions? NASA thinks so, and it’s not the only one. Late last year the ESA launched a robotic assistant known as “CIMON” (Crew Interactive Mobile Companion) to the ISS to help astronauts with a variety of tasks ranging from schedule keeping to basic maintenance. …