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iPhone X Animoji on Android

Oh look, an Android phone maker blatantly copied the iPhone X

November 28th, 2017

Some of the most diehard Android fans out there will tell you that the iPhone X is meh, as it doesn’t bring any truly new technologies to the table. The phone has an all-screen design that’s also available on several 2017 Android devices, face recognition support that Android has had for years, 10nm chips, and …

iPhone X Tricks

Here’s one iPhone X tip to take your Animoji game to the next level

November 13th, 2017

The advanced TrueDepth camera system found on the iPhone X doesn’t just make possible the 3D facial recognition system that replaced Touch ID. The same facial recognition hardware and software are used to enable a neat trick called Animoji. Simply put, Animoji is an emoji variation that’s animated with your face’s expressions. Animoji can be …

iPhone X Animoji

The Animoji app Apple should have made is now available for download

November 7th, 2017

Animoji are great. Animoji are amazing. However, to use them you need two things: an iPhone X, and the iMessage app. That’s right — there’s no way to play with Animoji unless you do it inside the default iPhone messaging app, as Apple did not make a standalone Animoji app for it. However, a developer …