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amazon News, page 169

Amazon Kindle DX gets official

Amazon has definitely had some issues keeping the wraps on its readers and it looks like the Kindle DX fell victim to the trend. Of course these most recent leaks weren’t quite as >>

Amazon launches Xbox LIVE Store

Amazon announced today that it has added a dedicated Xbox LIVE store to its myriad of electronic storefronts. This latest partnership allows customers to purchase Xbox LIVE Arcade games, subscription cards and Microsoft >>

Amazon Kindle app comes to the iPhone

If you’ve been feeling left out because it seems everyone and their moms are grabbing a Kindle and you spent your tax refund on an iPhone, Amazon has come to the rescue! On >>

Kindle 2 teardown reveals some surprising surprises

The Kindle 2 is one of those gadgets that people either love or hate. One the one hand it’s a glimpse into the more versatile, eco-friendly and portable future for the written (and >>

Amazon Kindle 2 Unboxing

Way, way back in October we broke the news of Amazon’s Kindle 2. Seems like forever ago, doesn’t it? Amazon snubbed us at the launch event, but we’ve taken matters into our own >>