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Amazon Echo

Amazon Alexa Sexual Fantasy

Please stop fantasizing about boning Alexa

April 27th, 2017

A troubled writer falls in love with a voice-based, AI-powered, operating system, and the computer OS falls in love with the human. That’s not a real-life story, just the plot of the 2013 movie Her. But a study shows that the man-machine relationship imagined in Her might become a reality one day. As voice assistants …

Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

Google Home just caught up with Amazon Echo in one key area

February 16th, 2017

While Google’s Home is every bit as powerful and intelligent as Amazon’s Echo on many fronts, there are a few areas where it doesn’t quite stack up. On Thursday though, Google brought the Home one step closer to the Echo by adding shopping functionality to Google Assistant — the AI that powers Google Home.

Google Home vs. Amazon Echo Voice

Does Google have a voice problem?

January 27th, 2017

Google’s parent company Alphabet on Thursday reported its financial performance for the fourth quarter of 2016, and the news wasn’t good. Alphabet missed Wall Street’s target, and the stock took a hit in after-hours trading. Google’s search business is still the main money-maker for Alphabet, dwarfing all other initiatives, including hardware. Analysts are now concerned …

Amazon Echo Alexa

Amazon Echos mass-order dollhouses after local news clip

January 9th, 2017

If you give young kids access to a high-tech Internet-connected device like an iPhone, history has shown that they’ll eventually figure out — or accidentally stumble across — a way to start racking up charges to your credit card. Indeed, some parents have even sued companies like Apple and Google for not implementing more stringent …

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo takes center stage in first-degree murder investigation

December 27th, 2016

During the course of a first-degree murder investigation in Bentonville, Arkansas, police noticed that their main suspect — a man named James Andrew Bates — owned an Amazon Echo. Realizing that the Echo is ‘always listening’ for the wake word, authorities there are now focused on determining if Amazon’s virtual assistant happened to record any pertinent information …

Best Smart Light Switch For Alexa

The best in smart lighting: Leviton Z-Wave dimmer

December 22nd, 2016

In the age of smart homes, hubs, and total integration, the right lighting is often overlooked. While it’s definitely more fun to fiddle with your smart fridge or HD video-equipped doorbell, perfectly adjusted lighting is essential to, as “The Dude” Lebowski would put it, “tie the room together.”

This Vegas hotel is installing Amazon Echo speakers in every room

December 14th, 2016

Amazon’s Echo speakers — and the all-knowing Alexa virtual assistant that is built into them — have become one of the most popular smart home devices of all time, and now a popular hotel chain is embracing them, too. Wynn Resorts, which owns and operates Wynn Las Vegas, plans on installing nearly 5,000 Amazon Echo …

Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

Google Home talking to Amazon Echo will entertain you all day long

November 30th, 2016

Google and Amazon have the two best voice-enabled virtual home assistants in Google Home and Amazon Echo. Both devices were on sale through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and each of them should be a great addition to your smart home project. You don’t need to buy both gadgets because they’re both able to pull off basically the …