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alex jones

YouTube bans Alex Jones

All but one major tech platform (Twitter, obviously) has now banned Alex Jones

August 6th, 2018

Major tech platforms have incrementally been pushing content from controversial broadcaster Alex Jones, founder of the conspiracy-peddling site Infowars, off of their services. Removing some of his videos here, taking down his podcasts there. Following Apple’s removal of five Alex Jones/Infowars podcasts, Spotify following suit and Facebook removing four Infowars pages from the site, YouTube …

Infowars and Alex Jones Alexa review

Alex Jones’s review of the Amazon Echo is as bonkers as you’d expect

December 11th, 2017

Alex Jones: radio host, fighter of interdimensional vampires, and hawker of multivitamins, has found a new beat. In a segment over the weekend, the Info Wars host decided to put Amazon Alexa on the witness stand and try and bully her into revealing her agenda. As you’d probably imagine, Jones isn’t really curious about whether Alexa can …