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New iPhones in 2018

This year’s iPhones might not sell well, and it’s all the iPhone X’s fault

August 20th, 2018

When the iPhone X launched last year, it was widely expected to be Apple’s most popular device in years. The revolutionary device, so the breathless analyst predictions went, would drive a “super-cycle” of upgrades as consumers discarded their boring notchless iPhones in favor of the $1,000 future. The “super-cycle” didn’t quite happen in the manner …

ICO scam 2018: Worst crypto investments

Non-bombshell report finds 4 out of every 5 ICOs are a scam

March 29th, 2018

Crypto billionaires-in-waiting, it’s time to brace yourselves. A new research paper has found that of all the large ICOs that have tried to raise funds recently, a solid 81% were frauds, 6% were failed, 5% had gone dead, and 8% actually made it to market. Yes, I’m equally surprised that 8% of ICOs were legitimate. …