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Children at Trump rally sing about crushing America’s foes with Trump’s strength

Donald Trump Freedom Kids Video

Are you sitting down for this? Let’s hope so. Video footage emerged on Thursday of three children performing a song at a Donald Trump rally that can be described as both cute and terrifying… but mostly terrifying. While the general song-and-dance routine is nicely done, the lyrics of the song are anything but, as they discuss using the doughy billionaire’s “strength” to “take down” the “enemies of freedom.”

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Here are the full lyrics:


Are you serious?

Apologies for freedom, I can’t handle this.

When freedom rings, answer the call!

On your feet, stand up tall!

Freedom’s on our shoulders, USA!

Enemies of freedom face the music, c’mon boys, take them down

President Donald Trump knows how to make America great

Deal from strength or get crushed every time

The three girls call themselves the “Freedom Kids,” although ironically their song about praising their great leader’s strength in crushing America’s foes sounds like something you’d see from supporters of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un… and come to think of it, Trump has recently had some kind words for both of those leaders, so maybe this isn’t a coincidence.

(And no, I don’t blame the kids for doing this song. Their parents clearly put them up to this.)

Check out the whole video for yourself below, but know that it can never be unseen.


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