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NASA wants to know how much pot Elon Musk smokes

Updated Nov 22nd, 2018 8:50AM EST
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When Elon Musk appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast and had a taste of the host’s joint, it was totally on-brand for the risk-taking CEO. Musk is a brilliant guy, but he also likes to push the envelope in ways that tend to worry those he does business with. He’s already gotten in hot water over Tesla drama, including tweeting his intention to take the stock private, and his pot smoking adventure appears to have made things worse.

Now, NASA is planning to review the workplace culture of Musk’s other darling, SpaceX, because some senior NASA officials didn’t like the look of Musk indulging in the devil’s lettuce.

As reported by The Washington Post, NASA is in the process of organizing a safety review of SpaceX. While that might sound like NASA is planning on making sure the fire exits work at SpaceX HQ, it’s actually an incredibly involved undertaking that will require hundreds of employees to be interviewed. NASA wants to know exactly what it’s like to work at SpaceX, and it’s going to take its time with the investigation.

It’s worth noting here that while the legalization of marijuana continues to expand on a state level, the federal government still has a very strict policy against its use. More specifically, individuals with high levels of government security clearance are under obligation to stay drug-free. NASA has bet big on SpaceX and penned many partnerships for various missions, so the CEO hitting a joint on a video podcast doesn’t look great.

SpaceX was quick to head off any concern about the investigation with a statement:

Human spaceflight is the core mission of our company. There is nothing more important to SpaceX than this endeavor, and we take seriously the responsibility that NASA has entrusted in us to safely and reliably carry American astronauts to and from the International Space Station.

It’s an interesting time for NASA, with huge plans for manned space missions just over the horizon, and it’s clear that the agency wants to make sure everyone is on their best behavior now more than ever. Along with the review of SpaceX, a similar investigation will be conducted with Boeing, the other NASA partner currently working on manned spacecraft that will carry NASA astronauts.

Everyone clean your desks, the suits are coming!