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glowing sharks

Scientists find three glow-in-the-dark sharks

March 3rd, 2021

When it comes to animal abilities that humans would love to have, being able to glow in the dark has to be near the top of the list, right beneath flight and, of course, turning your skin into camouflage like an octopus.  Scientists know about plenty of animals with what is known as bioluminescence, including …

starship launch

Watch SpaceX’s Starship abort its test flight with 0.1 seconds left

March 3rd, 2021

SpaceX’s Starship program has been moving along nicely as of late. Perfecting the technology that could eventually take humans to Mars and even beyond is no easy task, and development has hit its share of roadblocks, but test flights of Starship prototypes have been picking up in frequency lately. Today was supposed to be the …

Coronavirus Vaccine

Doctors say coronavirus vaccines can cure ‘Long COVID’ for many people

March 3rd, 2021

The coronavirus vaccination efforts have seen varying degrees of success around the world so far. More than 268 million doses have been administered worldwide, according to March 2nd data, and countries like Israel and the UK have already reported great results. New studies show the vaccines work as expected, reducing the risk of severe COVID-19 that …