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President Biden Meets with Governors and Mayors about American Rescue Plan

You can order free at-home COVID tests from the government right now

January 18th, 2022

In an effort to combat the latest wave of COVID-19 infections sweeping the country, the government is buying 1 billion at-home test kits to send out to Americans free of charge. Late last year, the Biden administration announced plans to purchase 500 million test kits to send out to households around the country. Assistant Press …

Something bizarre is raining down on Uranus

January 17th, 2022

Scientists believe that Neptune and Uranus could both be home to a constant stream of “diamond rain”. The two planets are considered “ice giants”. They’re mostly made of water, methane, and ammonia, which accounts for the icy-like titles we’ve given them. While they might not be as talked about as some of the other giants …

COVID home test kit

How to get a free at-home Covid-19 test starting this weekend

January 12th, 2022

Two years into the coronavirus pandemic, people are still struggling to find and access a COVID-19 test in relatively short order when they need one. Accordingly, some businesses (like Google) have resorted to just getting their hands on tests themselves and making them available to employees — as well as customers (like Southwest Airlines). This …

a bearded dragon is shown with its mouth open

CDC: Salmonella outbreak in 25 states caused by bearded dragons

January 12th, 2022

Contact with bearded dragons kept as pets has led to a salmonella outbreak affecting at least 44 people across 25 states. That’s according to a new warning from the CDC, which tied a 2020 salmonella outbreak to bearded dragons as well as hedgehogs kept as pets. The health agency says this is an active investigation …