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Want to live longer? Get a dog

If prolonging your time on Earth is a big priority for you, adopting a four-legged friend could help in a big way. A new study that takes into account many decades of research >>

China grew cotton on the Moon, if only for a moment

China may have had to sit and watch as countries like the United States dominated space for decades, but things are a whole lot different now. China’s space agency has been rapidly catching >>

NASA just joined the electric vehicle revolution

As automakers continue to embrace electric vehicles and more companies pledge to purge their vehicle lineups of gas engines in the coming years, the trend has finally caught on at NASA. NASA doesn’t >>

Fireballs spotted above Chile defy explanation

When we Earthlings spot something tearing through the sky in a blaze of glory, there’s almost always a totally reasonable explanation. More often than not, tiny chunks of space rock are the culprit >>