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Netflix killed the best way to download videos to your PC

Netflix downloads on Windows

Netflix recently introduced an option for users to download some videos for offline playback. It’s a fantastic feature for plane flights or long road trips, but only available on mobile devices. If you want to use your laptop to watch Netflix on the plane, good luck.

That’s the problem DVDVideoSoft’s “Free Downloader for Netflix” application was supposed to solve, but as you can imagine, Netflix wasn’t too happy about it.

The software did exactly what you’d expect: allow you to pull videos off Netflix and onto your hard drive for offline viewing. Rather than using an official Netflix system, like the iOS and Android apps that allow offline downloads, this is the internet equivalent of a bootleg DVD ripper.

TorrentFreak reports that DVDVideoSoft received a complaint from security company Netcraft, which accused DVDVideoSoft of infringing on Netflix’s trademark. As a result, the “Free Downloader for Netflix” software has been removed from download, and is no longer officially available.

However, some forums suggest that the software itself is still working, and if you can find a copy to download, you’ll be in good shape to illicitly take videos off the streaming service. For everyone else, however, we’re out of luck: DVDVideoSoft apparently told TorrentFreak that it has no plans for a comeback.