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Everyone hates Instagram’s upcoming algorithmic timeline

Instagram New Timeline Algorithm

Earlier this month, Instagram published a blog post on its website explaining that many of its users were missing the photos and videos they “might care about the most.” Therefore, the company is planning to eliminate the chronological feed in favor of an algorithmic timeline similar to Facebook’s.

Instagram users were livid, and that anger has only swelled in the ensuing weeks.

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Rumors began swirling that the new feed could go into effect as early as this Tuesday, but Instagram was quick to issue the following response to CBS News:

“There are still weeks, or even months, of testing to come before we roll this out more broadly. Currently the test groups are very small. We will let the community know before any changes are made.”

Nevertheless, the mere idea that Instagram would “fix something that isn’t broken,” as Kendall Jenner put it, has countless users in an uproar. The following message from John Mayer has amassed 70,000 likes over the past week:

It’s not just celebrities though, as a huge number of users on the service have started a movement of sorts, asking their followers to turn on push notifications for their content so that they won’t miss an update. That way, even if the feed decides that someone’s photo or video isn’t relevant enough, you’ll still know when they’re posting content.

Jacob Siegal is Associate Editor at BGR, having joined the news team in 2013. He has over a decade of professional writing and editing experience, and helps to lead our technology and entertainment product launch and movie release coverage.