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Avoid this hand sanitizer at all costs

Published Apr 19th, 2021 11:55AM EDT
hand sanitizer recall
Image: Brandon/Adobe

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A huge recall of hand sanitizer that was originally issued back in late March but has since seen an expansion to include even more lots of the product. Sanit Technologies LLC has announced the expansion of a recall for its Durisan Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer due to the possibility that it has been contaminated with nasty microbes. Specifically, the product has tested positive for elevated levels of Burkholderia bacteria which can cause an infection if the hand sanitizer comes into contact with a cut, scrape, or other wounds.

The original recall notes that the hand sanitizer was found to be contaminated during “a routine audit” of the product while the company was scaling up its production in order to meet higher demand brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Now, hand sanitizer containers sold as far back as February of 2020 are included and the recall has almost doubled in size.

The original recall bulletin listed 26 lots of sanitizer. The product comes in six different package sizes ranging from 18 mL all the way up to 1000 mL (roughly 34 ounces). This latest expansion brings the total number of recalled lots up from 26 to nearly 50, making an already huge recall much, much larger.

Via the recall bulletin posted by the FDA:

The product is intended to be applied topically to help reduce bacteria on the skin that could cause diseases when soap and water are not available.

Use of a hand sanitizer contaminated with Burkholderia contaminans, generally considered to be of low virulence, can range from no reaction to possible infections in a person with a hand wound or scrapes because the bacteria could enter the bloodstream, especially in patients with compromised immune systems.

In the recall notice, the company emphasizes that it has not received any complaints from consumers or reports of any medical illnesses related to the recall. That’s great news, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that nobody has fallen ill. If a vulnerable individual is infected after using the hand sanitizer, their doctor might not make the connection between the use of hand sanitizer (if that even comes up in conversation) and the resulting infection.

So, despite no reports of illness being linked to the recall, it’s still a serious situation that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you have any of this hand sanitizer in your home, you are advised to dispose of it or contact the company in order to arrange for a return.

Durisan has provided written notification to its distributors and retailers and is alerting customers via this voluntary recall. Consumers that have the product are advised to contact Durisan to return it.

Consumers with questions regarding this recall can contact Durisan at 941-351-9114, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday or by email at

Be safe out there.