We’re currently experiencing what is probably the best and most evolved period of recorded human civilization, and it’s all possible because of numerous remarkable breakthroughs in science. Yet some people are still willing to ignore what’s possibly one of the biggest discoveries humanity ever made.

Yes, flat-Earthers will tell you that our planet is actually flat, and everything we’ve been told about it is a huge fat lie. According to them, we’re living in a huge conspiracy theory that can be easily debunked with the help of, you may have guessed it, science. That’s why I’m especially thrilled to witness the best trolling of flat-Earthers I’ve ever seen.

Famed physician Neil deGrasse Tyson, who keeps arguing against all the flat Earth theories out there, posted on Twitter an image that ridicules flat-Earthers in the best possible way:

That’s how a lunar eclipse would look like if the Earth were flat. That’s incredibly brilliant trolling right there. deGrasse Tyson just dropped the mic on everyone with one short tweet that went viral since being posted. It was retweeted more than 50,000 times and liked more than 173,000 times already.

I do realize that some flat-Earthers may have an issue understanding the joke, so here’s what a lunar eclipse usually looks like.

Image source: Wikipedia

Whenever the Earth passes between the moon and the sun, the Earth’s shadow is projected on the moon, and a shaded arc is clearly visible. That curvature can only be explained by our planet’s spherical shape.

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