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Flat Earthers reveal just how insane they are at conference in England

When news stories pop up about Flat Earth believers claiming to have proof that NASA and every scientist on the face of the the planet is lying about its shape, we tend to lump them all into one big pile of crazy. That’s totally unfair to them because, as a recent Flat Earth expo has revealed, there’s many different flavors of crazy when it comes to people who think we’re living on a sheet of paper… or maybe a diamond.

The conference, which was held in Birmingham in England, was the UK’s first Flat Earth Convention, according to The Daily Star. The momentous event attracted a whopping 200-or-so visitors and featured renowned speakers ranging from some guy who was once a graphic designer to a man who “stumbled across” Flat Earth videos on YouTube two years ago. Yes, it was a veritable who’s who of utter insanity, and boy was there a lot to take in.

The really special thing about Flat Earth believers is that they think everyone else is insane, even other Flat Earthers who don’t believe exactly what they themselves believe. For example, there’s a subset of the Flat Earth community that believes that the Earth is flat and that it is surrounded by a wall of ice that we know as Antarctica. Others, meanwhile, think that there’s water right up to the edge, but that a massive dome covers the entire flat planet like a roof, keeping everything nice and tidy inside.

Still others have even more obscure theories (I know, that’s hard to imagine). One of the speakers at the conference, who spends his days as a dance musician and not a scientist, insists that the planet is actually diamond-shaped, with flat sides but three-dimensional geometry. How would such an object be supported? By massive pillars, he says. It’s so obvious!

NASA and other actual scientists and researchers rarely take the time to address these insane claims, mainly because they’re so laughable it’s hard to even speak about them without breaking into a fit of the giggles.