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Ultimate humiliation: Trump gets burned on Twitter… by Jeb

Published Feb 5th, 2016 3:27PM EST
Donald Trump Vs. Jeb Bush Twitter

Have you ever played Quake III Arena and gotten killed by someone armed with only a Gauntlet? Do you remember the voice that taunted you right afterward by blurting out the single word, “HUMILIATION?” Well the equivalent of that just happened to doughy Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who got absolutely burned on Twitter by none other than Jeb Bush.

Yes, that supposedly “low-energy” Jeb Bush.

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It all started when The Donald announced that he was moving one of his events to Monday due to the snow.

Jeb — or, more likely, one of Jeb’s campaign staff — immediately saw an opening and pounced with this:

This is particularly funny because Jeb has been Trump’s personal punching bag throughout most of this campaign. Trump famously mocked Jeb for being a “low-energy” candidate, although now Jeb has come back and pointed out that Trump seems to have even less energy than dear old Barbara Bush. In political terms, this is the equivalent of Marty McFly knocking out Biff Tannen in Back to the Future.

(And incidentally, Jeb really needed a pick-me-up after his total debacle earlier this week when he had to beg his audience to clap for him during a speech.)

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