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The ultimate video collection of the stupidest people on the Internet

Darwin Awards Twitter Account Videos

The Internet is chock full of videos featuring people doing incredibly stupid things and paying a hilariously painful price for their actions. But don’t you wish there was a one-stop location you could go to see all of the Internet’s stupidest people all in one place? Well wish no more because you’re going to want to follow The Darwin Awards Twitter account right now.

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So what kind of videos can you find through this marvelous Twitter account? Let’s go through some highlights.

There’s the kid who lights his crotch on fire and seems to be surprised that it really, really hurts:

Or how about the person who thinks they can stop a spooked horse from plowing over them:

There’s nothing better than someone trying to pull off a cool trick and comically hurting themselves in the process:

“Spider-Male, Spider-Male / Agile as a beached blue whale…”

Yep, it’s another kid who decided to light his crotch on fire. And even better, he had his friends on hand to put it out… by stomping on it.

Kicking a Russian cop for laughs will simply not end well for you:

This one isn’t a video but… God, I don’t even want to think about it:

It’s nice that there are responsible adults like this to show kids what happens when you toss a firecracker down a manhole:

And then there are the stunts where I don’t even know what the person thinks they’re trying to accomplish. Like this one:

Or this one:

And finally, I’ll leave you with a man trying to jump over a chain at the entrance of a liquor store and failing in the most spectacular way imaginable:

There are so many more videos at the full @AwardsDarwin Twitter account — follow it yourself at this link.

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