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This country just started giving unapproved coronavirus vaccines to the general public

Published Nov 1st, 2020 9:02AM EST
Coronavirus Vaccine
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  • China started administering an experimental coronavirus vaccine to people in the province of Zhejiang. The vaccine costs $60 and is only available to individuals aged 18-59.
  • Whether the vaccine is effective or not, China has done an impressive job of preventing further coronavirus outbreaks in the country.
  • In contrast, the coronavirus in the U.S. continues to spread at an alarming rate across most parts of the country.
  • Russia has its own coronavirus vaccine, but there is no proof that it’s actually effective, or even safe.

The grim reality is that the number of coronavirus infections is increasing at a rapid rate across most parts of the country. At one point this week, more than 35 states were experiencing a massive increase in new coronavirus cases. What’s more, many states have also been experiencing a corresponding increase in coronavirus-related deaths and hospitalizations.

The U.S., however, is far from the only country trying to contend with a massive spike in new infections. Many countries across Europe — including France, Germany, and the Netherlands — are currently seeing a resurgence in new infections as well. The rate of new coronavirus cases is only poised to increase in the weeks ahead due to colder weather settling in. Aside from the fact that the coronavirus can be transmitted more readily in cooler and drier air environments, colder weather will also drive more people indoors where the virus can spread quite easily.

At this point, it’s clear that basic coronavirus safety measures aren’t enough to combat the virus, if only because not enough people are taking said measures seriously. Consequently, it stands to reason that the world at large won’t be able to firmly put the coronavirus in the rearview mirror until an effective vaccine is developed.

As it stands now, a few large drug companies are conducting clinical trials of potential vaccine candidates. Even in a best-case scenario where a vaccine is granted an emergency use authorization (EUA) from the FDA, Dr. Fauci said that likely won’t happen until January 2021 at the earliest.

Meanwhile, other countries across the world have started implementing their own vaccines, however unproven. Aside from Russia, which spuriously claimed to have developed a coronavirus vaccine back in July, China has its own experimental vaccine that it recently started administering to the public in the province of Zhejiang.

Inkstone News reports:

The general public in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang can now get an “emergency use” coronavirus vaccine in the country’s first attempt to inoculate its population.

The vaccine will cost 400 yuan ($60) and will involve two shots administered 28 days apart.

The push for inoculation comes despite the fact that none of the vaccines in development have been officially approved. China currently has four vaccines that have entered phase three clinical trials, but none of them have passed. Much of the rest of the world is exercising extreme caution and will not administer vaccines before they receive regulatory approval.

The vaccine in Zhejiang is available for individuals aged 18-59. Anyone above that age is not eligible to receive the vaccine due to safety considerations that tend to arise more frequently amongst the elderly.

To date, China hasn’t reported any side effects or complications from its coronavirus vaccine. But then again, it’s not as if the government there would be so forthcoming with that information regardless.

That aside, China has done a much better job of containing the coronavirus than the U.S. New coronavirus cases in China have been flat for months thanks to strict lockdown measures that were universally adhered to in the country. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the U.S., where more than 90,000 new cases were reported last Thursday, a record-breaking figure.

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