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Car hits electric pole, summons Zeus into our realm

car hits power pole

How many power lines did you drive under on your way to work this morning? Well, while you were casually sipping your double-soy-mocha-no-whip-latte there was a truly devastating deity lurking in those innocent-looking black cables hanging overhead. One unlucky driver in Ontario, Canada, decided that they would see if they could meet him, so they slammed their minivan straight into a utility pole, summoning the lightning god himself, and boy was it a sight to behold.

The incident, which occurred right across the street from a Popeyes Chicken joint (dinner and a show!), was captured by an onlooker. The pole, severed from the ground, failed to safely secure the high-power cables in place, and in the mangled mess of wrapped wiring and twisted cords Zeus entered into this earthly plane and proceeded to shoot blue bolts of plasma. It’s an incredibly interesting sight, and while it was certainly a dangerous situation at the time, we can now look back on it with sheer wonder.

The policeman in the video is clearly doing his best, though appears to be rather shorthanded. For example, I’d imagine in his ideal scenario there wouldn’t be bystanders catching a glimpse of the fiery event from right in front of a gas station.

The video itself is wonderfully shot — landscape mode, relatively stable, with very minimal commentary — which is rare enough these days on its own, but it’s the twist at the end that really brings the whole spectacle from “cool” to “video of the year.”