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You might have access to an extra $1,000 stimulus check if you live in this state

new stimulus payment

Here comes an all-new stimulus check, this time for a specific group of people in the state of Missouri. Attention, Missouri State University students — there may be a new stimulus payment for up to $1,500 with your name on it.

That’s after the Missouri State University Board of Governors a few days ago voted in favor of this plan. The money for which is coming from the federal Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund. According to the US Department of Education, this fund was set up by the original coronavirus relief bill Congress passed in 2020. The purpose being “to provide emergency financial aid grants to students whose lives have been disrupted, many of whom are facing financial challenges and struggling to make ends meet.”

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New stimulus payment up to $1,500 for some Missouri students

For MSU students, these checks could come as soon as a month or so from now. “This is money that is supposed to be distributed to the students just kind of like everybody else got their stimulus check,” MSU President Clif Smart told the Springfield News-Leader. “We are the middleman to pass out stimulus checks, per the direction of the federal government.”

US students deemed to have the most “exceptional” needs will eligible for up to $1,500. And the final number might even be a little higher than that, up to $1,600, but that depends on MSU’s final tally of students this fall. International students, meanwhile, will be eligible for $750. While many other US students get $1,000.

In terms of how students will actually get this money? The school plans to give them an option for either accepting or denying the new stimulus payment. If the student chooses, the money will go into their Missouri State account. The funds could then go toward any outstanding balance that they might have.

Alternatively, they can request instead that the school issue the new stimulus payment to them either as a banking direct deposit or a paper check. Regardless of how much money the student might still owe the school.

More checks

This comes as more stimulus payments are continuing to be sent out around the US. Including to families with eligible children, via the new child tax credit payments that went out just a few days ago.

Those payments are part of a six-check series distributed monthly that gives parents a few hundred dollars a month. Depending, that is, on how many eligible children are in their household.

The next checks are coming on October 15. The IRS said the latest batch of checks totaled around $15 billion. And that they were sent out to approximately 35 million US families.

Note: These checks went to eligible families who filed a 2019 or 2020 tax return. Income tax returns processed by August 30 are reflected in those payments.

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