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You can get an extra $5,000 stimulus check if you live in this state

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Some states around the US, like California, have been stepping up to offer citizens stimulus checks to augment the payments being sent out at the federal level. Which included $1,400 federal stimulus checks earlier this year, as well as the six child tax credit payments arriving monthly through December. And now we can add New York City to this list. That’s thanks to the Big Apple’s move to tap its $6 billion in COVID-19 federal aid money to offer financial assistance to several different groups.

In recent days, the city detailed its spending plan for this emergency money. And the groups it’s planning to direct the aid to include artists, taxi drivers, and the homeless. In addition to steering more financial aid in support of ongoing COVID vaccination efforts.

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New York City stimulus check coming for artists, and more

One of the key pieces of this effort involves forthcoming stimulus checks for artists. More specifically, those who’ve been impacted financially by the pandemic.

“The New York City Artist Corps (CAC) represents an historic investment in artists by the City of New York,” reads a new report from the city detailing how its relief money will be spent. “CAC Grants support NYC-based artists who have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

“By the program’s end in October 2021, the program will distribute 1,800 one-time grants of $5,000 each to help artists sustain their practice and engage the public in thousands of cultural programs.” This project also gives New Yorkers opportunities to enjoy “a wide range of cultural programming” through October. “As the city returns to pre-pandemic life.”

At the same time, New York City also plans to offer $65 million in financial relief to the city’s taxicab industry. The pandemic hammered it, of course, when everyone began staying home. But also because rideshare options like Uber and Lyft continue to take a huge bite of this legacy industry’s business. According to that same city document above, the goal here is to help taxi drivers, who the city says are largely immigrants and people of color. The aim is also to ensure that “more taxis are available to the riding public.”

More details

New York City’s Taxi Medallion Owner Relief Program website has more details about the latter effort. It includes financial support that encompasses a $20,000 down payment to help restructure medallion-related loans. As well as $9,000 in monthly debt payment assistance.

Additional components of the city’s coronavirus-related financial aid plan include:

  • More than $125 million to support the city’s homeless population.
  • Money to small businesses, including struggling restaurants. The city plans to offer more than $172 million in financial aid to these businesses with fewer than 100 employees. That represents an estimated 98% of local businesses.
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