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Trump’s own fake news is actually working

Trump executive order polls

According to a decently-sized poll published today, 51% of Trump voters believe that the Bowling Green Massacre is sufficient justification for Trump’s executive order on immigration. Another 25% aren’t sure, leaving less than a quarter disagreeing.

This is a problem for anyone who used to like facts or news or information, because you’ll probably know that the Bowling Green Massacre didn’t exist and can’t be the justification for anything except dank memes.

Ever since the Trump administration took power, it’s been ridiculed for spreading “alternative facts” while lambasting the media for publishing fake news. The irony is starting to wear down commentators , but unfortunately it seems to be working with Trump’s base.

The poll shows that, ludicrous as it might seem, Kellyanne Conway’s patently false statements about the Bowling Green Massacre weren’t a mistake or an accident for most Trump supporters: it’s real news, which can be used to justify very real policies.

The rest of the Public Policy Polling report shows an increasing divide between different political groups in America, and which facts they choose to believe. The poll surveyed over 700 people, mostly based on random phone lists, and the divide on most questions between Trump and Clinton supporters is night and day.

93% of Trump’s supporters back his executive order on administration, while just 3% of Clinton’s do. A remarkable 51% of Trump voters think that Trump should be able to overturn orders from judges that he doesn’t agree with, compared to just 5% of Clinton supporters.

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